Alpha Femme

Femme-splain: when a woman exasperatingly explains something that should be obvious but apparently isn’t because patriarchy.


In this new one-woman cabaret, Megan Garrett-Jones explores what matriarchal hyenas, reusable period cups, and androgynous forest creatures reveal about power and pleasure. Three alter-egos bust out from the land of radical cabaret in this juke-box musical/performance art mashup featuring the catchiest ukulele songs you’ve never heard of. Twerking meets clowning meets punk rage as your gurus femme-splain empowerment, but maybe hold onto your own moral compass just-in-case.

On Friday 24th Alpha Femme will be performed with BSL signing. Please note this is not officially a translated performance but an artist who is a BSL user working with the show’s creator. They will make the show as accessible as possible within their capacity to d/Deaf or hard of hearing audiences. Please contact the theatre if you have any questions regarding accessibility or would like to request a seat near the front for this performance. 

Eco-friendly and upcycled costumes made by Lou Halswell of Stume Studio/FUUD London

Additional music/ sound production – Nicholas de Carlo and Baby Machine
Outside eye – Lisa Lee of the Lip Sinkers


Megan Garrett-Jones is an Australian theatre maker and occasional poet. She’s part of Screaming Alley – Kent’s premiere queer, feminist and sex positive cabaret, and hosts Things with Words (spoken word events and Margate Radio show). Her writing has been commissioned by Apples & Snakes and the Marlowe Theatre, and her rapper alter-ego once blagged their way into a support slot with the Jungle Brothers.

“A bit like Lil Kim” Afrika Baby Bam
“It’s a tonic” Audience member at Loud and Queer Festival Worcester

Alpha Femme has been produced with support from Arts Council England and Tom Thumb Theatre Margate. 


by Megan Garrett-Jones

Ticket Information

Performances start 7:30pm

£12 Full Price

£8 Concessions

Concessions offered to pensioners, unemployed, students, registered disabled and under16s.