ἀφίημι - a-phee-mi 


to set free, to send away, to let go


Oliver arrives at his family home, twenty years since he was last there. He finds the home unchanged, and his younger sister Lainy now caring for their elderly mother. Bad memories of their childhood come flooding back and Oliver asks for his sister’s help in bringing some peace to their lives, but for this he will need the ultimate forgiveness from his sister. 


Aphiemi is a re-imagining of Aeschylus' 'The Libation Bearers' set in Northern Ireland.

Written by Vicki Berwick (The Mozart Question, Barn Theatre Cirencester) and directed by David Frias-Robles (Us, The White Bear Theatre).


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Ticket Information

Performances start 7:30pm

All tickets £12

Cast & Creative

Produced by Pathway Theatre

Directed by David Frias-Robles

Written by Vicki Berwick

Performed by Simon Grujich, Kelly Long & Claire Lacey

Assistant Directed by Lauren Lambert-Moore.