Bone Marrow Bovril

Nick was a pretty good comedian. He was nominated for the Perrier in Edinburgh that one time, people used to really like him. 

But a decade has passed and he can't face playing another gig to a sour-faced bunch of students on a Tuesday night.

Journalism is calling.

Nick stumbles into the world of News 2.0 - the news channel of freedom and common sense, and never questions where his paycheck might be coming from. He knows it's a grift, but it's money and an audience - so what if he has to choke down a little Bovril to make ends meet.

Bone Marrow Bovril by James Heaford examines the gateway drugs to the alt-right movement, and looks at the effects conspiracy theorists have on people's lives.

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Ticket Information

Performance starts 7:30pm

Full Price £10

Concessions £8