by Phoebe Wood

My First Time Was In A Car Park

Mira loses her virginity in the car park at her school. She sees a baby and her grandfather die in the sea. She sees a man in light blue tracky bottoms dancing along the seashore. She drinks by the sea and becomes God in the outdoors.

The one-woman show invites the audience into the abstract spaces of Mira’s mind. Using philosophical ponderings, ramblings and memories, Mira shares a moment of her life. With a comedic and absurdist approach to language, the play hopes
to be a truthful reflection of the ways in which trauma manifests itself.

‘A powerful and disturbing story of one woman’s teenage trauma’

‘In an acute, sobering deconstruction of one female mind, the audience is driven through fractured states of anger, detachment, joy, and sensuality.’

‘Bringing to life the unbreakable relationship between mother and daughter.’

An intelligently written, inventive and very human piece.’

‘while it’s difficult to watch, this is the kind of piece you want to see again.’

‘A piece of feminist writing which is performed with an energy and powerfulness which makes me feel that is is a show which will be on my mind for a while.’

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Content Warnings

References to sexual abuse, rape, drug-taking and cancer, strong language from the start.

Ticket Information

Performances start 8:30pm

£10 Full Price

£6 Concessions

Concessions offered to pensioners, unemployed, students, registered disabled and under16s.

Cast & Creative

Writer & Performer - Phoebe Wood

Producer - Kate Maguire 

Director - Molly-Rose Curran

Set Designer - Florence Eckersley

Trailer - Maya Yoncali

Image Design - Florence Eckersley

Technician - Sophie Abramovici