“A comical exploration into the exclusivity of knowledge” - The Theatre Reviewer


“A sense of urgency. Intellectually challenging and witty” - The Bold Playwriting Prize


“A stellar script” - Venue Reviews


Oxbridge. The promise land of knowledge and legacy. Several students stand at the threshold of greatness, to determine whether they are worthy.


The best universities in the world. The pinnacle of education.


What stands before them is a simple question…


“Snog, marry, avoid: the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit?” 


Colloquium is a hilarious and moving new drama that satirises the exclusivity and absurdity of knowledge and tradition through a fast-paced and episodic narrative. Explore the lives of stuffy Professors, pompous Candidates, and struggling Students, all suffering under the regime of pressuring higher education.

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by Katherine Stockton

Ticket Information

Performances start 7:30pm

Matinee performance at 3pm, Sat

All tickets £10