Homemaking for Beginners

Switzerland was the last European country giving women the vote – in 1971. Using original poetry, physical theatre, comedy and drama, “Homemaking for Beginners” by Good Women Arts tells the real story of a group of Swiss women and men, their fight for suffrage and a life outside of rigid gender expectations.

The piece transports the audience back in time throughout the 1950s – 70s, while asking the questions: What happens when women have no say in political decisions? Why does representation matter? And when is it time to call enough and begin again?

Audience reactions from the first 25 minute scratch showing of “Homemaking for Beginners”:

“It gave me so much to think about. And I actually think I understand it now, I’ve never considered myself a feminist before. But I want to fight with you, it’s strange.”

“It was beautiful. It’s a really impactful story and definitely one that is important to tell. Please tell me you’re going to continue with this?”

"In the beginning, there was only chaos. I think those words will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you!”

“The Good Women” is a theatre company founded by East 15 Drama School graduates wanting to tell Good Stories about Good Women who shatter gender stereotypes. No two-dimensional stereotypes, no damsels in distress – but the stories of extraordinary, real women (and men) with all their complexities, contradictions and humour.

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from The Good Women

Ticket Information

Performances start 7pm

£12 Full Price

£10 Concessions

Concessions offered to pensioners, unemployed, students, registered disabled and under16s.

Cast & Creative

Faith McCune – Elisabeth

Lena Liedl – Gertrud

Abigail Stone – Lilith

Sophie Mardsen – Johanna

Jayant Singh – Paul

Murphee Thompson – Katharina