By the Light of La Luna
Shoehorn Productions

A play about perseverance, By the Light of La Lunafollows 4 individuals who find themselves stranded in a room on the moon, and their journey toward finding the strength to leave. Along the way they are guided by a mysterious tailor who lives in a wardrobe- but is he all that he seems?

All will be revealed…

Initially a 25-minute piece devised as part of East 15 Acting School’s MAPfest 2021, By the Light of La Luna includes elements of physical theatre, dance, and surrealism. The show is a heartfelt, absurdist and moving examination of what it means to have the courage to go on when everything feels lost.

After enjoying a sell-out debut performance at the Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre in June, Shoehorn Productions are delighted to bring their very first project to the Golden Goose for a full three-night run!

Shoehorn Productions are a London-based theatre company with a passion for telling abstract stories in abstract ways. They enjoy work that engages with the unconventional, in the hope that they can encourage the world to embrace the weirder and wonderful aspects of life. 

Praise for By the Light of La Luna:

Initial East 15 Run (March 2021):

"Like a warm hug." – Audience Member

Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre Debut (June 2022)

“Imagine Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit without the existential dread and with all of the sad charm of Claire De Lune." – George Collins writing for SadGarage

“One of the best productions I’ve seen in a long time.” – Audience Member


Cast and Crew-

Jaclyn Vujovich – Katie

Henry Lyon – Olly

Carmine Tiberini – Mattia

Anouk Wulfing – Mathilde

Callum Pardoe – The Tailor

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Ticket Information

Performance starts 7:30pm