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A little 'Honk' to say hello...

Hello! And welcome to our blog!

As some of you eager folk will know, we've just opened a new theatre - during a pandemic of all things!

Perhaps we're brave, perhaps we're foolish, who really knows?! What we do know is; we're here, we've got live theatre and we're letting audiences through our doors very very soon!

We hope you are somewhere near as excited as we are.

We will be keeping you updated with snippets from all our team, and various members of our wonderful visiting companies as the weeks pass. That way, you'll get a little insight into all different perspectives of this theatre, and how the work in it is made!

For now, we'll just say that we know things might keep changing, but we'll do our best to maintain a safe, supportive and welcoming live venue, and tackle each challenge as it comes.

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We hope to see you soon!