Shrödinger's Baby

Here I am,
in the in-between, the maybe time;
Like Schrödinger’s cat,
except this thing both exists and does not exist inside me...

Her period is late, but it's too early to take a pregnancy test. She might be pregnant. She's financially secure, with a long term partner and a warm, spacious home... So what's the problem? What if she's simply... just not ready?

This is Schrodinger's Baby, a stage play sharing the story of one Woman moving through the unknown, weighing up the options that she will be confronted with after her test shows one - or two - pink lines, unsure of which route to take. 

This is a workshop sharing following a week of Research and Development into the show, and we will be inviting any feedback after the performance!

7th & 8th January


Ticket Information

Performances start 7:30pm

All tickets £5

Cast & Creative

Sophie Storm K - Writer
Georgia Leanne Harris - Director
Paula Edda Klein - The Woman
Bea Watson - Multi roles / The Woman (swing)
Joseph Blunt - Multi roles

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Content Warnings

This show contains descriptions of miscarriage, stillbirth, conception, abortion and parenting issues. There will also be occasional sudden noises.