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21st - 25th September

Unforgettable Girl

Money can’t buy love, but with GBP 19.99/month, you can have Vaccine—a mail order bride delivered straight from the island of palawan, village of Bali, province of Hanoi, Thailand to cure you of the deadlier pandemic that has plagued us for longer: loneliness.

1st-2nd October

Femmeta Morphosis

A lingerie party is arranged with a group of women from different walks of life.

13th - 15th October

My First Time Was In A Car Park

In an attempt to escape the reality of her past trauma, Mira talks to the audience in abstract ramblings - recalling her past, future and present.

28th - 30th October

Terrifying Women

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Sampira & Abi Zakarian present: Terrifying Women, an unforgettable night of horror and suspense. 

29th September - 1st October

The Same Rain That Falls On Me

It’s the hottest day of the year and Alice is travelling home to say an untimely goodbye. One that will leave a hole in her life forever. 

6th - 7th October

Mad For Our Daughters

A dreamy fusion of folk music and storytelling, that maps the journey of a mother and a daughter.

8th - 9th October

Choose Your Own Improv

Join the Banana Hut Gang as they create a brave new improvised world where you get to call the shots.

14th - 16th October

Devil's Food Cake

Jenny and Frank are at their wits’ end. Daughter Sophie won't eat. And her sister Katie is frantic with worry. 

11th-13th November

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Based on Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Empty House', Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson set about solving the mysterious murder of the socialite Ronald Adair.