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11th - 13th August

The Dissent

Phaedra, Icarus and Ariadne are uniting to smash the patriarchy for a second shot at life and demanding why, two and a half thousand years later, the same questions are being asked of them.


20th August


A rapid response event tackling our changing climate.

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25th - 27th August

By the Light of La Luna

All Will Be Revealed…


9th - 10th August


With nods to Shakespeare and folklore, Ophelia is a modern take on growing up with mental health problems in the Lake District.

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17th-18th August

Bone Marrow Bovril

News 2.0 - a free network, un-impeded by fat cats and their PC ways. Just what we need. Now shut up and drink your Bovril.

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23rd - 24th August


Fourth Monkey presents Misfits - two evenings of dynamic, boundary-pushing work from their Collaborative Theatre ensemble.