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19th - 22nd January

The Cold Approach

Adam is on a Seduction Bootcamp. 

He is being taught fool-proof strategies to meet and seduce women.

Meanwhile, Cassie goes on a night out and meets a friendly guy called Adam…

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4th-5th February

Can I Call You Back?

Steph's medication has stopped working (again) and that mysterious Skype call never stops ringing. A coming-of-age comedy piece exploring visible auto-immune disorders, female body image, and overcoming.


26th - 29th January

The Good Dad

Based on real life events from the 1980s, THE GOOD DAD (A LOVE STORY) is the latest one-woman play from multi award-winning playwright Gail Louw. 

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22nd February

Hatch: Revolution

A brand new, semi-regular scratch night at the Golden Goose Theatre!