Terrence the T-Rex

Apparently, the world doesn’t need another dinosaur entertainer. Apparently, it’s time that Terrence gets a real job, moves on from his ex, and out of his parents’ house. Terrence isn’t going to let these realities stop him.


All Terrence wants is to earn a living as a dinosaur impersonator, have his talents appreciated by the world, land a Netflix deal, embark on a US tour, and design a line of branded merch. The world, however, has other plans for Terrence. He’s stuck in a cycle of messy break-ups, living with his parents, and being laughed at by everyone who sees his handmade (and to scale) T-Rex costume. When Tri-Sarah-Tops arrives to perform alongside Terrence, he has no idea how much his world is going to change. She is everything he wants. She’s smart and funny, but best of all, she’s good at being a dinosaur. 


Join Terrence and Sarah as we explore the harsh realities of being a dinosaur entertainer; the sexism, the regret, the heartbreak and the hope.


Apropos Theatre return to the stage following their five-star debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. ‘The kind of show that the Fringe should be all about’ (Edinburgh Reporter). In 2019, The Scotsman named Apropos Theatre as one of the best duo's of the Fringe Festival. The Fringe Review said that '50 Words' was 'a production well worth seeking out for its sensitive handling of tragedy mixed with understated humour told in an original way'.


Content Warning: Swearing, suggested 12+

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Ticket Information

Performances start 7pm

£12 Full Price

£10 Concessions

Concessions offered to pensioners, unemployed, students, registered disabled and under16s.