The Off Key
29th June - 3rd July

“I’ve been doing this very modern thing of... sleeping with my ex. It’s great, you should try it. It’s like Ross and Rachel! If they were... nymphomaniacs. With a bottomless pit of need and despair inside em. And if they loved a fucking drink. And couldn’t handle not shagging after a pissed up night on the white wine and... fags. I guess it doesn’t really work. One of you always... He thinks it’s my fault, I think it’s his. Whatever. This song’s called ‘Are You Leaving Me Or Are You Just Being A C**t?’”


Liv and Sam are songwriters. A Scot and a Northerner, they meet in the country’s capital, because that’s where people once told them to go. Now they’re lost in a haze of lockdowns, love stories and loose ends. London is cold, losing people aches and love stings like a motherfucker. But when you meet the right person, it all fades away. They fall for each other through their music. And they fall out that way too. 


With original songs such as ‘I Like You, Break Up With Your Boyfriend For Me’, ‘Cucumber’ and ‘All This Time’, The Off Key is an unflinchingly honest portrait of a modern relationship. A genre-bending theatrical experience, it explores love, loss and the quest for truth in a world that doesn’t seem all that interested in truth anymore. 


Scott Mackie is a Scottish singer-songwriter and playwright. This is his third play, but the first to feature original music.

“If you wanna know the truth 

You ain’t gon’ find it in another Frank Turner song 

If you wanna know what’s true 

I will sell it to you, 79p on iTunes.“

“A welcome breath of fresh air in the new British musical theatre scene. A striking new musical that revels in the bittersweet examination of love.” 

- There Ought To Be Clowns


“The score is an intriguing stylistic mix of Frank Turner and Laura Marling-esque storytelling through the expert blending of soul penetrating lyrics and gorgeous melodies and harmonies… bravery, well-timed humour, deep insight and stunning score.” 

- London Pub Theatres 


“This is a rich and fulfilling show. The music’s inventive, the on-stage chemistry a joy to experience, and the emotional frankness of the material is highly intriguing.” 

- The Reviews Hub


“The humour and honesty that Mackie brings to the narrative are its driving force… [his] style reminiscent of Patrick Marber or Nick Hornby. There is nothing off key about this production… the tunes reverberate long into the night.”



“With a ‘heart on sleeve’ honesty that’s warming to the core, The Off Key is a modern musical that offers genuine laugh out loud moments, tear-jerkers, and everything in-between. Feeling natural and comfortable at a level not often encountered, Mackie draws in the audience and before you know it, we’re all along for the ride, laughing and cheering at all the right times. If they ever release the soundtrack, it would sit happily alongside The Last 5 Years in my collection. One to watch.” 

- LondonTheatre1

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Ticket Information

Tues - Sat 7:30pm

Matinees at 2:30pm Fri & Sat

Tickets £16/£12 concessions

Concessions offered to pensioners, unemployed, students, registered disabled and under16s.

Running time: 150 mins (inc a 15 minute interval)

Cast & Creative

SAM - Scott Mackie

LIV - Molly Glynn-Whitehead


Produced by: Another Method Productions

Written & Directed by: Scott Mackie