Unforgettable Girl

Money can’t buy love, but with GBP 19.99/month, you can have Vaccine—a mail order bride delivered straight from the island of palawan, village of Bali, province of Hanoi, Thailand to cure you of the deadlier pandemic that has plagued us for longer: loneliness.


This dark comedy is the journey of how a lonely little street girl ventured to become lovable, desirable, unforgettable. Unforgettable Girl questions what lies beneath what you see, and examines how the world turns some women into “homo-sacer” – “accursed” humans who are irredeemable by justice, freedom and love.



“A work of depth and beauty… Through the character of an East Asian mail order bride the work interrogates and challenges the  privileging norms in society that we are asked to accept often without question. The themes are explored with complexity, nuance, sophistication and humour. Elisabeth Gunawan moves deftly between comedy and pathos, she delivers a tour de force with her performance and she is definitely one to watch.” 

-Kristine Landon-Smith,  Olivier award-nominated theatre director


“Funny and haunting. A piece with heart and an authentic voice.” 

-David Glass, TMA-winning theatre director


“Hilarious and disturbing… Blends theatrical form to stunning and genuinely challenging effect.” 

-Daniel York Loh, writer, actor and activist


“Unforgettable, terrifying and hilarious… Transformative and mythic.” 

-Ian Morgan, director and theatremaker


by Created a Monster

Ticket Information

Performances start 7:30pm

Tickets £12/ £10 concessions

Cast & Creative

Performed by Elisabeth Gunawan

Directed by Simon Gleave and Briony O’Callaghan

Designed by Charlie Wood

Sound by Richard Durning